Healthy Living Programs


Overview and Eligibility
If you are enrolled in a Company-sponsored medical plan, you have access to Aetna's valuable wellness resources to help you be your healthiest at no additional cost. In addition, the Work/Life Assistance Program (CCA) is available to all production employees and their family members even if not enrolled in a Company-sponsored medical plan. Learn more below, then take advantage!

Wellness Program
Your health, and the health of your family members, is vitally important. If you or your covered spouse/domestic partner are enrolled in the group medical plan, we encourage you to participate in Aetna’s free, confidential Wellness Program designed to:
•    Provide you with information about your current health status
•    Help you set realistic wellness goals
•    Arm you with tools and resources to help you reach your goals
•    Reward you for taking steps to improve your health:  You can earn a $50 Aetna rewards gift card (available from August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019) when you complete the online Health Assessment and one of the online health programs called “Journeys.”

Attain App: The first-of-its kind health experience to offer you personalized goals, achievable actions and big rewards in collaboration with Apple.

More information
•    Read the Wellness Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the online Wellness Program and earn a $50 reward.
•    Learn more about the reward and the different Journeys available.
•    Learn more about Aetna’s Health Assessment and Simple Steps to a Healthier Life Program.

Aetna Maternity Program
We encourage employees and families to take proactive steps to have the healthiest pregnancies possible. Aetna’s Maternity Program is there to support you during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Plus, there is extra help for at-risk pregnancies.
When you enroll, you'll receive:
•    Information on prenatal care, labor and delivery, newborn care, and more
•    A survey to check for risks that could affect your pregnancy
•    A smoke-free program to help you quit, if applicable
•    A nurse case manager to support you if you have any risk factors

Access the program
The Aetna Maternity Program is included at no extra cost with your Aetna medical plan. You can sign up as soon as you’re pregnant — just log in to Aetna’s website and look under “Health Programs” or call (800) CRADLE-1 ((800) 272-3531). Learn more and get started.

Employee Assistance Program
Your emotional well-being is important and taking care of yourself should be a priority. That’s why Aetna's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to you through Aetna Resources for LivingSM. The EAP offers you and your family confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — all at no cost to you.

The EAP can help with a variety of personal and life challenges, such as:
•    Mental health and well-being
•    Personal and professional relationships
•    Work-related issues
•    Substance abuse
•    Family life
•    Daily stress

Access the Aetna EAP
•    Call (877) 327-5832
•    Visit
       Username: EAP4LIFE
       Password: EAP4LIFE
Learn more about the Aetna EAP.

AbleTo Support: Convenient eight-week free program with counseling and coaching by video or phone to help you through difficult times.

Work/Life Assistance Program available for Production Employees through Warner Bros.
You also have access to a free, confidential Work/Life Assistance Program through CCA, as well as onsite Work/Life Coaching offered every Wednesday on the Burbank Studio Lot. Learn more and access these benefits.